MTA President Anne Wass on proposed budget released by the Senate Ways and Means Committee

We are disappointed that the focus continues to be on making deep cuts, instead of investing in education. While we fully understand the difficult economic times that we are in, we cannot lose sight of the pivotal role that education plays in our economy.

Our students’ success is key to our state’s success. We must do all we can to provide them with the educational opportunities to grow and thrive and, ultimately, give back to our economy as productive, tax-paying citizens.

The $27.88 billion budget scheduled for debate next week (week of May 24)  is an improvement over the final House budget, but more resources are still badly needed. The draft budget includes $51.5 million in cuts to public higher education funding, a $116 million cut in Chapter 70 school assistance, and $37 million in cuts to local aid to cities and towns. That adds up to a 4 percent decrease in higher education funding, a 3 percent cut in Chapter 70 funding, and a 4 percent cut in local aid.

We urge legislators in both the House and Senate to join with the governor in seeking full funding for local aid to cities and towns, Chapter 70 school assistance and our state’s public colleges and university. We also urge legislators to give careful consideration to a series of proposals created to generate new revenue. Our public schools and colleges are critical to our students and our economy.

Analysis by Mass Budget and Policy Center