The Massachusetts Child: MTA Locals Helping Students in Need

The Massachusetts Child

The Massachusetts Child is NOW offering grants to MTA preK-12 locals to help students who need a hand up.

Recognizing that we are all facing difficult economic times, The Massachusetts Child will reimburse MTA locals for a variety of items and services – winter coats, shoes, eyeglasses or school supplies – for students in short-term crisis.  

Want to learn how your local can receive $500 or a dollar per member (depending on the size of your association) to help students succeed? A fact sheet is available here.

Need a reimbursement form? Click on this link to download one.

Get the details here. For information about how to make a donation or for other details, contact The Massachusetts Child, 20 Ashburton Pl., Boston, MA 02108, 617-878-8265, or by e-mail: