Chieppo's case fails

The letter below from MTA President Anne Wass was written in response to a May 27th column in the Boston Herald, “Teachers’ union flunks courses,” by Charles Chieppo, a senior fellow at the Pioneer Institute (

In his column, Chieppo singled out several courses in MTA’s Summer Conference guide for ridicule, failing to acknowledge value of such courses for elementary and early education teachers looking for new strategies to engage their young students in learning.

Chieppo's case fails
By Anne Wass  |   Friday, May 29, 2009  |  Letters to the Editor

Charles Chieppo twists facts to fit his predictable anti-union bias when he attacks the Massachusetts Teachers Association’s workshop offerings "Teachers' union flunks courses" May 27).

Our summer conference, paid for by members with no public dollars, provides educators with workshops for their own professional development or simply relaxation among colleagues.

Our 152 workshops range from a multi-day program on teaching English language learners to courses targeted to early childhood educators, including one on Native American bead weaving.

Chieppo obviously hasn't been in a classroom lately if he thinks it is a waste of time for an elementary teacher to take this class, which includes using math concepts to graph several designs. News flash to Chieppo: First graders don't learn math well in large lecture courses.

- Anne Wass, President
Mass. Teachers Association