Senate Action Alert

The Senate Ways and Means budget proposal was released days after news emerged that the state budget deficit is now approximately $5 billion -- $1.5 billion larger than the estimated gap faced by both the state House of Representatives and the governor when they released their draft proposals.

Debate on this budget begins on Monday, May 18. It is urgent that state senators hear from a large number of MTA members in opposition to this proposal, which will force many state employees to pay double for their health insurance premiums. That is unfairly burdensome and unacceptable. We must do all that we can to prevent the 70/30 premium split proposal from moving forward.

Earlier this spring, the House of Representatives voted to raise the amount that current state employees pay to 20 percent for their health insurance premiums; new employees, those hired after July 1, would pay 25 percent. The splits outlined in the House budget are not optimal, but they are significantly better than the initial House proposal, which called for all state employees to pay 30 percent of their health insurance premiums.

Senator Michael Morrissey (D-Quincy) is heading up the fight to stave off any additional increases in health insurance premium costs for state employees beyond the plan approved by the House of Representatives.

Please call, write or e-mail your state senator RIGHT AWAY on this important issue. Tell your senator that it is unfair and unacceptable to burden state employees with significantly higher health insurance premium costs during these difficult economic times.