Listening to Experts

The Massachusetts Teachers Association, American Federation of Teachers Massachusetts and Massachusetts 2020 released a new policy report May 5 -- National Teacher Day -- that identifies time as the single most important teaching condition for promoting learning and highlights the impact the state's Expanded Learning Time Initiative is having on teachers and students.

The report, Listening to Experts,  was released at a Statehouse event hosted by Rep. Martha Walz and Sen. Robert O'Leary, co-chairs of the Joint Committee on Education.

The ELT Initiative has enabled 26 schools in 12 communities across the Commonwealth to add 300 hours to their school year to provide enrichment, academics and time for teachers to collaborate.

According to the Massachusetts Teaching, Learning and Leading Initiative, teachers identified adequate time as the most important condition needed for them to be successful. However, four out of 10 said they do not have enough time to teach the curriculum.

Teachers in the ELT schools were 50 percent more likely to say they do have adequate time during the day.

In her closing address to the audience, MTA President Anne Wass noted the importance of listening to teachers when considering education innovation: "As policymakers at the federal and state level are looking at innovation, I hope they pay attention to an innovation that the teachers support. ELT is an innovation that can be replicated across the country quickly and easily and should be expanded here in the Commonwealth."

Listening to Experts report