Protect public education and our communities

On Monday, April 27, the House will begin debating the state budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2009. Among the first votes legislators will take will be whether or not to increase state and local revenues.

The House Ways and Means Committee budget proposal is so devastating to local services that even the promised influx of federal stimulus dollars will not be enough to close the gap.

It is no longer possible for the state to fund a responsible budget without tax increases. Revenues have fallen off the cliff. If public education is pulled off the cliff as well, then recovering from the current economic meltdown will be much harder, and our state's economy will be damaged in the long term.

The state must raise taxes and other revenues now to protect the future economic health and well-being of this Commonwealth. MTA is asking our Legislature to do the right thing: raise revenues to help maintain our world-class public education system.

Immediate Action Needed

Please contact your state representative right away. Urge the representative to support adequate revenues to help close the budget gap and prevent devastating cuts to public education, from preK to graduate school.

It's simple to do. Send an e-mail to your representative. You can also look up the name of your representative on the site or call your representative at 617-722-2000.

Thanks for your help in securing funds to protect public education.