Patrick commended for education stimulus request

Statement from MTA President Anne Wass on local efforts to secure federal education aid

MTA President Anne Wass commended Gov. Deval Patrick for pressing the federal government for aid to the states, including $250 billion in funding for education, as part of a $1 trillion economic stimulus package.

On Friday, Jan. 2, Patrick announced that he was teaming up with a handful of Democratic governors to lobby the incoming Obama administration for a one-time investment for education funding to allow the states to continue essential services during the current economic crisis.

"We recognize that these are challenging economic times and commend the governor for pressing for federal aid for states," Wass said. "Our students get one chance at an education. We cannot throw up our hands and walk away from them and blame it on the current economic downturn.

"We must do all that we can to recession-proof our students and give them the knowledge and life skills that they need to succeed after graduation," she added.