Educational Proficiency Plans

Educational Proficiency Plans: Preparing to Meet High School Graduation Standards is a new policy-to-practice brief that addresses questions raised about the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education’s regulations related to the requirement that students beginning in the Class of 2010 earn an MCAS pass score of 240 or complete an Educational Proficiency Plans (EPPs) if they achieved a score of 200-239.

These regulations were effective as of October 2008.

According to the regulations, “School districts must develop an EPP for a student in the class of 2010 who does not score at 240 or above on the grade 10 English Language Arts and Mathematics MCAS tests. The EPP must identify the student's strengths and weaknesses, based on MCAS and other assessment results, coursework, grades, and teacher, student, and counselor input. It must also include the courses (ELA and/or mathematics) the student will be required to take in grades 11 and 12.”

The topics addressed include:

  • MTA’s Frequently Asked Questions about Educational Proficiency Plans
  • Governing Regulations: 603 CMR 30.03: Standards for Competency Determination
  • Department of Elementary & Secondary Education  Questions and Answers: New Competency Determination Requirements and the Education Proficiency Plan
  • Massachusetts DESE Educational Proficiency Plan Sample Template
  • Massachusetts DESE MassCore: Massachusetts High School Program of Studies
  • DESE Web Links

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