CEPP professional development offerings for 2008-09

The Massachusetts Teachers Association's Center for Education Policy and Practice (CEPP) provides workshops, institutes and courses published in its Professional Development Programs booklet. Local associations, school districts and education collaboratives may contract with CEPP to provide any of the programs. After consultation with district staff, all are adapted to the individual needs of the school and/or district.

For your convenience, a PDF file of workshop and course descriptions may be downloaded for printing here.

MTA’s Center for Education Policy and Practice also offers six online courses for members.

1.     Mapping the Curriculum

2.     Developing a Standards-based Unit of Instruction

3.     Creating Performance Assessment Tasks

4.     Differentiating Instructional Practices

5.     A Better Beginning for New Teachers

6.     Instructional Approaches for Teachers of English Language Learners

Click on the links above for information about online course registration, requirements and costs.

These are completely online courses; there are no face-to-face meetings.

Participants must have an Internet connection and be able to use Microsoft Word in order to take these courses. There are no other technical requirements.

Each course session begins on a Tuesday and ends the following Monday. The Thanksgiving and April vacation weeks are two-week sessions. The Christmas holidays is three-week session.

Participants are expected to log on at least three times per week to download assignments and readings, participate in discussion board forums, and upload completed performance tasks.