Act now on the state budget!

The House will act on several revenue items the week of April 7.

Closing corporate tax loopholes would raise nearly $500 million for education, health care and our state's infrastructure.

The House is on the verge of giving nearly all the money that would be raised from closing corporate tax loopholes back to corporations in a huge unaffordable tax cut.

The House is expected to vote before April 10 on a proposal that would close corporate tax loopholes and cut the corporate income tax rate by 25 percent -- costing $466 million.

Please call your state representative now, 617-722-2000, or send an e-mail today.

Send this message to your state rep...

Please support closing corporate tax loopholes and the cigarette tax and oppose the unaffordable corporate income tax cut. By closing loopholes and leaving the corporate income tax rate intact, we can raise $500 million to invest in public education, health care, our infrastructure and other important programs. 

Please communicate your opposition to this rate cut to House Speaker DiMasi as soon as possible.