Karen Mitchell Elected to MTRB

Karen Mitchell, who was recommended by the Massachusetts Teachers Association, has been elected to the MTRB, according to the Massachusetts Teachers' Retirement System.

Mitchell received 9,951 votes.

Mitchell has been a classroom  teacher for 21 years and is a seasoned activist for Massachusetts teachers.  She is a leader of the Education Association of Plymouth and Carver and has served as EAPC’s president, vice president and secretary. She is a skilled negotiator with extensive experience representing teachers in contract disputes and arbitration. Mitchell is currently a member of the MTA Board of Directors.

Incumbent John A.M. Dow, Jr., who has served on the board since 1972, was the top vote getter in the election with 12,175 votes.

The MTRB administers the MTRS, which processes retirement applications, estimates retiree benefits, decides what does and does not count toward pension compensation and makes determinations about disability retirement allowances and other matters related to the pension system.

The MTRB also proposes legislation that affects members’ retirement options.