MCCC signs contract

Representatives of the Massachusetts Community College Council signed a new contract September 12.

MCCC members overwhelmingly ratified the contract in August, three years after receiving their last pay hike.

The three-year pact runs from July 1, 2003, to June 30, 2006, and grants faculty raises averaging $4,000.

The contract funds points established by the classification study in the 1999-2002 contract and equalizes the value of faculty and professional staff points during the contract's last two years.

"I'm very happy that, under the new contract, unit members will get paid for every year they've worked," said MCCC President Rick Doud. "And I'm happy that the contract keeps the classification study intact."

The MCCC Day Bargaining Team included: Joseph LeBlanc, chair, Northern Essex Community College; Phyllis Barrett, secretary, Holyoke Community College; Phil Mahler, Middlesex Community College; Kathleen McDonough, Holyoke CC; Gail Stuart, Northern Essex CC; Rick Doud, ex officio, Middlesex CC; and Katie D'Urso, MTA higher education consultant and team spokesperson.