Political Influence for ESPs

The MTA ESP Committee is sponsoring a series of training sessions designed to help education support professionals make a difference in the political arena.

During October, Catherine Fichtner of the MTA's Governmental Services Division will present Political Influence for ESPs at MTA regional offices throughout the state.

"ESPs make up more than 40 percent of the total preK-through-higher-ed work force nationwide," noted Nancy Robbie, MTA ESP consultant/organizer. " ESPs are a critically important part of the school community. In fact, ESPs bring years of experience to their jobs and have strong ties to the community. Nearly 80 percent of ESPs nationwide volunteer time to community organizations and live in the school districts where they work."

She urged ESPs to "come and learn how your vote can make a difference and influence the direction of public education."

The following are the dates and locations for the training sessions, all of which run from 5 to 8 p.m.:

Oct. 5 — MTA Southeast Office, 90 New State Highway (Route 44), Raynham
Oct. 11 — MTA Western Office, 55 Bobala Road, Suite 3, Holyoke
Oct. 19 — MTA Northeast Office, 50 Salem St., Building B, Suite 9, Lynnfield

A light meal will be served at each session. MTA ESP members may register in advance at no cost.

You may register online, call Carolyn Himottu or Bonnie Lepage at 1-800-542-5504, or e-mail nrobbie@massteacher.org.