Voc Ed bill returned with amendment

SB2057 was not signed into law by the governor. Instead, on August 4, 2005, Lt. Governor Kerry Healey returned the bill to the Legislature with a recommended amendment.  (Governor Romney was on vacation).

The amendment proposed would require the state to immediately pay off the state's entire liability under this bill. Essentially, it is the same amendment the governor tried to pass in 2004.

MTA is opposed to this proposed amendment and is lobbying Senate and House leaders to reject it.  Once that is done, both branches need to re-enact the bill before it is placed before the governor again.  At that point another gubernatorial veto is expected and we will be asking the legislature to override it.

Since the legislature is now in summer recess (no formal sessions) it is not known how long it will take to see this bill finally enacted into law.  However, active lobbying will continue taking place until SB2057 becomes law.