Higher Ed Unions United meet with Bulger

Meeting today with UMass President William Bulger were members of Higher Education Unions United, including, Ed Sullivan (MTA), Kathy Kelley (MFT), Tom Coish (SEIU 509), Peter Wright and Tony Case (AFSCME), Bob Haynes (AFL-CIO) and Carol Knox (UAW). University V.P. for Finance and Administration Steven Lenhardt and Executive V.P. James Julian were also in attendance.

HEUU released this joint statement:

A one and one-half hour meeting took place today from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the University President's office with President Bulger and two of his senior staff in an attempt to develop a productive working relationship for the purpose of solving the ongoing salary funding crisis.

President Bulger was cordial, open and direct and expressed a good faith commitment to work cooperatively with us to reach our common goal.

Both parties agreed to continue to:

  1. Meet to work to develop possible solutions
  2. Arrange for meetings of representatives of each party to accomplish the following:
  • Refine the financial scope of the issues.  This will begin within the week
  • Develop cooperative political strategies
  • Develop appropriate public relations coordination