House Gives Romney Sweeping Powers to Cut Education

On a vote of 124-28, the House voted Tuesday night to give Gov. Mitt Romney the power to immediately cut state funds to education.  The bill will move to the Senate where it is likely to be considered on Thursday.

The bill passed by the House is basically the same bill that was filed only days ago by the Governor.  Romney did not respond in detail to a request by the House to outline where the cuts would be made.  He answered with a three-page letter but gave no specifics on how the cuts would be determined. 

Rep. Ruth Balser (D-Newton) offered an amendment calling for use of the Rainy Day Fund before any cuts were made was defeated by a wide margin.  An amendment by Rep. Tom O'Brien (D-Kingston) to sunset on June 2003 the governor's power to make cuts was adopted. The House passed Rep. Dave Linsky's (D-Natick) amendment that ensures that the governor will make the same percentage of cuts in each town and city.

Please contact your Senator and urge them to vote against H2010 (note new bill number).  If you have specific information on what impact the cuts will mean to your schools and colleges, please share that with your senator.