Less Testing More Learning

Our students are more than a score

Stop the high-stakes testing madness.

Parents, students and educators in Massachusetts are pushing back.

Here are some concerns about high-stakes standardized testing:

  • Reduces time to teach. Standardized tests and test preparation take time away from students’ learning.
  • Narrows the curriculum. These tests are forcing teachers to teach to the test and spend less time on important subjects and skills. They narrow our sense of the purpose of education. We need to let teachers teach.
  • Misuses scarce education dollars. Instead of paying millions of dollars to big corporations to produce these tests, we should be spending money on proven strategies such as smaller class sizes and a rich and varied curriculum.
  • Adds stress and reduces creativity. These tests are taking the joy out of learning and the creativity out of teaching. Students are experiencing stress and getting the message that they are failures when education should be building on their strengths.
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