Committees advise the MTA Board of Directors and staff on issues and services related to their assigned areas of responsibility.

Committee members are appointed by the MTA president. Chairs are appointed by the President with the approval of MTA's Executive Board.

Bylaws and Rules Committee
Candidate Recommendation Committee
Credentials and Ballot Committee
Environmental Health and Safety Committee
Electoral Review Committee
Equal Opportunity Council
Education Support Professionals Committee
Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Issues Committee
Government Relations Committee
Human Relations Committee

Hearing Committee
Mass Child
New Members Committee
Public Relations/Organizing Campaign Committee
Professional Development Committee
Professional Ethics Committee
Resolutions Committee
Retired Members Committee
Student Membership Committee
Occupational/Vocational Education Committee
MTA Human and Civil Rights Awards

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Should you be appointed by the MTA president to sit on a committee or council, you should understand that there is a time commitment and certain responsibilities that come with that appointment.