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MTA’s Role in the Raise Up Massachusetts Revenue Campaign

The MTA is an active participant in the Raise Up Massachusetts coalition’s campaign to win an amendment to the state Constitution to raise more than $1 billion a year for public schools, public higher education and transportation. The funds would come from a 4 percent additional tax on income over $1 million. If the question qualifies for the ballot, it will be voted on in 2018 and implemented in 2019.

To move forward, the campaign must gather 64,750 certified signatures this fall. To ensure that we obtain enough valid signatures, the goal is to collect 120,000. The MTA is asking members to collect 20,000 of these and has agreed to make our regional offices the campaign’s drop-off locations for petitions. On Oct. 21, MTA staff will begin delivering petitions to city and town clerks’ offices. All petitions must be delivered by Nov. 18.

The MTA Plan

With support from MTA staff, MTA members will collect signatures at our workplaces — in our schools and on our campuses — and in our local communities. The plans developed locally will include member training in the ballot question itself, signature collecting “Do’s and Don’ts,” and locations, dates and rules for collecting signatures and returning the signed petitions to MTA offices in a timely manner. Click here for a one-page summary of the initiative.

Collecting in Our Public Schools
MTA field representatives will work with leaders on locals’ plans. For example, the strategy may include collecting signatures in 10-minute building meetings, at a general membership meeting, at regional meetings or at social events organized by the local. Notes of caution: In collecting signatures, do not use any public resources — such as school photocopiers or office supplies — and do not collect during contractual work hours. Click here for an MTA legal advisory on collecting in a public building.

Collecting on Higher Education Campuses
MTA’s higher education field staff and members will develop plans for campus-based collection strategies. Students and other groups may also be involved. There are more opportunities for collecting signatures outdoors on higher education campuses than in our public schools. The same rules apply for collecting inside a campus building as in a public school.

Collecting in Our Communities
The MTA’s Senate district coordinators will work with MTA activists to collect signatures in our communities, often in conjunction with other Raise Up Massachusetts coalition members.

This campaign offers a great organizing opportunity for MTA members to work together and with members of a larger coalition to support the schools and colleges our students, our members and our communities deserve. For more information, visit the MTA's Revenue Toolkit .


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