MTA Legislative and Political Action Teams

Do you want to do more to advocate for public education and address the issues that matter to MTA members and students? Are you interested in rolling up your sleeves and making a difference in your corner of the Commonwealth?

Senator Pat Jehlen Senator Pat Jehlen (D-Somerville) met with educators and local residents at a charter school forum in Cambridge organized by MTA grassroots organizers. Participants urged the senator not to support any bill that would lift the cap on charter schools.

If you answered yes to either of these questions, please consider joining one of the MTA's Legislative and Political Action Teams. The teams are based out of the state's 40 Senate districts. LPAT members are charged with organizing MTA members, developing and implementing local action plans and lobbying elected officials on issues that matter to MTA preK-12 and higher education members .

What exactly is an LPAT?

Legislative and Political Action Teams are at the core of the MTA’s grassroots campaign program. Led by a Senate district coordinator and composed of a mix of MTA activists, LPAT members are charged with educating, organizing and mobilizing MTA members and the community around a truly pro-education agenda.

Why are LPATs important?

In public education, political decisions shape much of the work we do every day in public schools and colleges across the Commonwealth. Our elected leaders and their appointees make decisions about issues that have a direct impact on us as teachers, faculty and staff. Class size, curriculum and funding are among the many issues that are decided by elected and government officials who impact our daily work lives.

How are LPAT members chosen?

LPAT members are MTA members who work by day as education support professionals, teachers, faculty and professional staff. MTA members are asked to join the LPAT in the Senate district where they either work or live. Click here for a list of LPAT coordinators.

Why me?

This is a great opportunity to make a difference and make your voice heard. LPAT members use their voices and their expertise to engage colleagues and fellow association members as well as influence legislators, policymakers and the public on issues of importance to educators.

How do I join?

Click here to look up contact information for the coordinator of the LPAT in your own Senate district. (If you live and work in two different Senate districts, you have the option of choosing which LPAT that you’d like to join.) If you are not sure which Senate district you live and/or work in, visit


Contact Jo Ann Fitzgerald or Paul McClory in the MTA's Grassroots Campaign Division at 617-878-8190 or email them at