Foundation Budget Review Commission

Mac 1993This is what computers looked like in 1993, when the state's formula for distributing aid to local school districts was established as part of the Education Reform Act.

Since that time, the foundation budget — the centerpiece of the funding formula — has not been systemically re-examined in light of state curriculum frameworks, MCAS and other key elements of the 1993 law.

The Foundation Budget Review Commission is a panel of legislators, state administrators, educators and business leaders charged with assessing the appropriate level of funding for K-12 public education. MTA President Barbara Madeloni is a member of the commission.

During the fall and winter, the commission collected testimony from educators, school administrators and others at a series of hearings held across the state. Since the hearings, members of the commission have been meeting regularly to determine next steps. The commission was required to isue a report by June 30, 2015. The report is available here

What is the foundation budget?

Each school district has a “foundation budget,” which is the amount of money deemed necessary to provide an adequate education to every student. The Foundation Budget Review Commission, or FBRC, is evaluating the way in which foundation budgets are determined. The long-overdue review, among other things, will shape state aid to cities and towns for education — known as Chapter 70 funds.

Reviving the commission was a top legislative priority of the MTA.

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