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FY15 Headlines

Legislature enacts fiscal 2015 budget [7/7/2014]

Senate passes FY 2015 budget [5/22/14]

Please take two minutes right now to email your senator [5/19/14]

Modest growth for education in SWM budget [5/14/2014]

House budget boosts education funding [5/01/2014]

Please urge your state rep to support efforts to review state education funding formula [4/11/14]

House Ways and Means Committee releases $36.2 billion budget proposal [4/9/14]

Wachusett teacher offers perspective from the frontlines at Feb. 25 hearing on the FY15 state budget [2/25/2014]

Education spending rises in Patrick budget [1/22/14]

Governor’s budget increases funding across the board [1/22/14]

Better Funding, Better Schools

MTA has produced a guide, Better Funding, Better Schools: a Roadmap to Overriding Proposition 2 1/2, to help local associations that are participating in local override efforts.

Better Funding, Better Schools was designed by MTA Communications to give local education associations some nuts-and-bolts advice about leading or participating in a successful override campaign.

The main text of the guide can be downloaded here and is available to association members and the general public alike. The appendix to Better Funding, which contains examples of fliers and other campaign materials, is not available online. To receive a copy of the appendix only, contact MTA Communications, 617-878-8265.

Additional Budget Resources:

Massachusetts State Budget
Process and documents on the offical website of the state Legislature (Massachusetts General Court).

Governer's Budget Recommendation
Detailed information about the governor's budget recommendation.

Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center
The Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center provides independent research and analysis of state budget and tax policies, as well as economic issues, that affect low- and moderate-income people in Massachusetts. MassBudget also produces reports on specific topics such as education, health care, economic development and tax policy.

State budget headlines and spreadsheets from FY15 and FY14 produced by the MTA.

State Budget Headlines FY15 State Budget Spreadsheets FY15
State Budget Headlines FY14 State Budget Spreadsheets FY14