Adequate Funding for Student Success

Adequate Funding for Student Success

More than two decades have passed since the Education Reform Act became law in 1993; over $4 billion in Chapter 70 state aid goes to cities, towns and regional school districts every year. Yet, there has never been a thorough analysis of whether the schools have sufficient resources to enable students to meet state standards. Now, enabling legislation has been passed to revive the Foundation Budget Review Commission. The review panel is included in the fiscal 2015 Massachusetts budget, which was enacted on July 11, 2014. Reviving the commission has been a top legislative priority of the MTA.

MTA in Action

  • MTA VP Tim Sullivan's testimony in support of An Act to Revive the Foundation Budget (October, 2013)
  • Testimony from Amherst education support professional and MTA Board member Jean Fay before House Committee on Education Funding (February, 2012)


Understanding the education funding formula

VIDEO Demystifying the Chapter 70 Formula

How the Massachusetts education funding system works -- boiled down to four steps -- from the Mass Budget and Policy Center.

DOWNLOADABLE PDF Demystifying the Chapter 70 Formula: How the Massachusetts Education Funding System Works
What is Chapter 70? How does the formula work? This Facts At A Glance, authored by Mass Budget and Policy Center, is designed to demystify the Chapter 70 formula for distributing education aid to local and regional school districts, so that people can become better engaged in school finance discussions in Massachusetts

Additional Materials

Cutting Class: Underfunding the Foundation Budget's Core Education Program, Mass Budget and Policy Center

Long Term Financing, Final Report authored by (Governor Deval Patrick's) Readiness Project Sub-Committee (March, 2008)

Washington Supreme Court Holds that State Is Not Adequately Funding Public Education, National Education Access Network

Does Money Matter in Education? Albert Shanker Institute