Issues & Action

MTA proudly assumes the role of the pre-eminent voice on Beacon Hill in support of public education, lobbying for continued funding of education reform efforts, annual increases in public higher education budgets and a continuing commitment to equal educational opportunity and the future of public education.

MTA also:

  • Rallies friends of education by serving as the leading organization in pro-public education coalitions, including Citizens for Public Schools, Council for Fair School Finance, and Mass Partners, to name a few.
  • Protects your classrooms, and the ideas flowing through them, by firmly opposing legislative attempts to censor curricula, impose vouchers, or provide public aid to private institutions.
  • Assigns staff to work with members at the local or campus level to defeat attempts to weaken public preK-12 or higher education.
  • Recommends candidates for local, state, and national office who are committed to children and education.

MTA: A Proud History
MTA members have been advocates for public schools for more than 150 years. Every legislative and legal victory has been a victory for MTA, for public schools and for the future.