The Massachusetts Child: Helping Children in Need

Mass Child Winter Clothes
We are pleased to announce that the Massachusetts Child board of directors voted to increase the annual winter clothing grant to $300. That means local associations can make purchases up to $300 for jackets, gloves, boots and other outerwear for needy students without affecting their base grants of $1000. Just make sure that the winter apparel is purchased no later than March 15 and save those receipts to submit with a Mass Child reimbursement form found on the MTA website.

Who we are:

Every day, educators regularly open up their wallets and their hearts for their students – “their kids.” The Massachusetts Child, a charitable corporation established by the MTA in 1996, was born out of that spirit of generosity.


The Mass Child reimburses for expenses that directly benefit students in crisis and make it possible for them to succeed. The Mass Child Board reviews requests on a case-by-case basis, but reimbursements generally fall into two categories: educational need and personal need.

  • Examples of educational needs not covered by the school and requiring additional costs to students include: books, supplies, materials, field trips and educational activities.
  • Examples of personal needs include: outerwear, clothing, shoes, some nutritional needs, prescription eyewear and backpacks.

Gift certificates and gift cards given directly to students and/or their families are not reimbursable.


An application is not required. However, the Mass Child board requests that an e-mail be sent prior to making purchases.

Please e-mail the Mass Child President Christine Mulroney at or MTA staff consultant Scott McLennan at, detailing your local’s request. After confirming that the request meets the Mass Child guidelines, your local may proceed with the following.

  • Make the appropriate purchases using local association funds.
  • Submit a reimbursement form signed by the local association president, with receipts and other proofs of purchase.

Once the Board approves the reimbursement form, checks will be made out to your local association. Reimbursement forms are available on the MTA website at and by calling the MTA Communications Division at 617.878.8265.

The reimbursement form must include proof of expenditures made between Sept. 1, 2014, and June 19, 2015. MTA locals can seek reimbursement at any time during the course of the school year. The board meets several times during the school year so that reimbursement checks can be issued quickly. Based on past experience, there should be enough funding to accommodate all requests. However, requests from locals will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis.


The Mass Child program is open to all MTA preK-12 locals. Locals with 500 or fewer members may receive up to $1000 per school year. Locals with more than 500 members are eligible to receive more – up to $2 for each member.