Planning for your retirement

Let the MTA experts help

Members should use the valuable services of the MTA retirement consultants, which are available to MTA members without charge. You only retire once and should not be expected to be an expert on something you will never do again.

MTA employs a cadre of part-time retirement consultants who are available to advise and help members through the retirement process. Individual consultations are available in locations across the state. A schedule of upcoming consultations is posted here.

Higher Ed members may contact with at-large consultant Edward McCourt, 781-239-2207,

Scheduled individual appointments may also be made with a retirement consultant at the Boston MTA office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Contact Retirement Consultant Harold Crowley at 617-742-7950, Ext. 8240.

MTA retirement consultants are also available to conduct group retirement seminars at the request of local presidents.  These MTA retirement consultants, most being retired teachers themselves, are very well informed about issues facing members contemplating retirement and have had many years of experience in dealing with state, teacher, and local retirement boards.  Those that have attended one or more of these seminars report that they come away with their questions answered and a feeling of confidence as they approach retirement. The seminars are geared to the interests and concerns of those in attendance and can benefit future retirees regardless of how far away they are from the time they expect to retire. To arrange a retirement seminar for your members, local presidents are encouraged to contact Retirement Consultant Harold Crowley at 617-742-7950, Ext. 8240.

Information about the retirement system and how to calculate your retirement benefits is included in MTA's Retirement Guide, available free to all members. Call Harold Crowley for your copy, (617) 878-8240, Fax : (617) 248-6921, MTA Boston Office, 20 Ashburton Place, Boston, MA 02108.

Helpful Contact Information for Retirees:

Massachusetts Teachers' Retirement System (MTRS)

MTRS Headquarters
One Charles Park, 2nd Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142

MTRS Western Office
One Monarch Place, Suite 510
Springfield, MA 01144-4028

State Board of Retirement

Boston Office
One Ashburton Place, Suite 1219
Boston, MA 02108

Springfield Office
463 Dwight Street, Room 109
Springfield, MA 01103