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Laura Vago

Science teacher Laura Vago in her Malden classroom.

Welcome to the MTA! Whether you're 22 or 52, or somewhere in between, MTA is committed to supporting you in the critical early years of your career.

When you join MTA, NEA and your local teachers/educators association, you are joining a 2.5 million-member family of pre-school through grade 12 educators, higher education faculty and staff and education support professionals. It is an opportunity to work with others who share your professional goals and concerns.

Check out A Road Map for Beginning Teachers, an employee guide produced annually by the MTA New Member Committee. The guide is designed to give you useful information about your rights and responsibilities as a new teacher. The Just for New Teachers Conference and the New Member Program at the MTA Summer Conference are two great opportunities for new educators to network, get involved, learn more about the MTA and get a firm grasp on the policies and laws that govern public education.

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The First 900 Days: A blog for new educators

First 900 DaysAre you new to an education career? Need advice or want to connect with other early career educators? Check out "The First 900 Days," the official blog of the MTA New Member Committee. The name references the first five years of teaching: 5 x 180 days = 900 days.

The blog covers a range of topics applicable to new educators including "Marketing Yourself: A New Educator's Guide to Searching for a Job," "Don't Smile Before December" and "What Would Get You Involved?"

Information for New Teachers, ESPs and Higher Ed Faculty and Staff

Are you a new educator? Education support professional? Higher education faculty member or staff? We have just the guide for you. Check out MTA's road maps and membership information for all types of MTA educators.

New Teachers Roadmap 2014

A Road Map for Beginning Teachers

ESP Brochure

Membership Information for Education Support Professionals

Higher Ed Roadmap 2014

A Road Map for MTA Higher Education Members

Higher Ed Roadmap

10 Good Reasons to Belong to MTA

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