MTA Governance Postings

Bylaws and Rules Committee now accepting proposals

The MTA Bylaws and Rules Committee will soon begin reviewing proposed amendments.

A proposal to amend the Bylaws addresses the governance of the association or the primary characteristics and functions of the MTA. A proposal to amend the Standing Rules addresses the procedures of the Annual Meeting of Delegates, nominations and elections or governance documents.

Filing process and deadline: Proposed changes to the Bylaws must be received in writing by the MTA Bylaws and Rules Committee by 5 p.m. on Jan. 13, 2017.

Proposed changes to the Standing Rules only may be submitted in writing to the MTA Bylaws and Rules Committee up to the opening of the first business session of the May 19-20 Annual Meeting in Boston. However, early submission by the Jan. 13 deadline provides an opportunity for a full hearing by the committee, by the Board of Directors and at the April preconvention meetings.

It also allows advance publication in the Spring issue of MTA Today.

Submitters will be informed of hearing dates and will be expected to meet with the committee to discuss the language and intent of their proposals.

Proper format: A form is available to assist you with proper formatting. You may request it through the Division of Governance and Administration. Please use the following format for each proposed amendment:

  1. Specifically cite all articles, sections and lines of the Bylaws or Standing Rules that are to be changed or affected.
  2. Set forth your proposal in two columns, comparing the proposed text opposite the present text. In the proposed language, underline amended or added language. Enclose in parentheses language to be deleted. Indicate the location of completely new language.
  3. Accompany each proposed amendment with a written rationale on its purpose, impact and intent.
  4. Include at the end of all proposals the submitter’s name and local association information.
  5. Provide your full name, address, telephone number(s), fax number(s), e-mail address or addresses and your MTA membership ID number, which can be found on your MTA membership card.

Who may submit proposals? Individual MTA members, groups of members and local associations are eligible to submit proposed amendments to the MTA Bylaws and Standing Rules.

Members wishing to use an official title representing an MTA affiliate or committee are required to submit evidence that a vote was taken by authorized representatives of the affiliate or the committee.

Current document: A copy of the current document containing the MTA Bylaws, Standing Rules and Resolutions is available to members here.

Assistance: The Bylaws and Rules Committee and members of the MTA staff are available to discuss ideas for potential amendments and to provide technical assistance.

Inquiries and proposals submitted to the Bylaws and Rules Committee should be channeled through Mary Gilgallon, MTA Director of Governance and Administration. Her mailing address is MTA, 2 Heritage Drive, 8th Floor, Quincy, MA 02171-2119. Her phone number is 617.878.8213, her fax number is 617.570.4908, and her e-mail address is .

Click  here for a copy of MTA Bylaws, Standing Rules and Resolutions.