Election Results: 2017 Annual Meeting

The following members were elected to the MTA Executive Committee, Board of Directors and Retired Members Committee on May 20, 2017. Those names marked with an * were elected by waiver. All terms begin July 1, 2017.

Executive Committee – Three-year term

  • At-Large ESP: Robert V. (Bobby) Travers Jr.
  • Region A: Charles Clark
  • Region C: Dale Forest
  • Region F:  Matthew Bach
  • Region G: Michael Zilles*
  • Statewide Retired: Gerard (Gerry) Ruane

Board of Directors – Three-year term

  • At-Large ESP: Deborah Young
  • District 1A: Brendan Sheran*
  • District 2A: Pamela Cavanaugh*
  • District 3A: Mary Cowhey
  • District 4A: Chris Herland*
  • District 5A: A. Murph-Brown*
  • District 6A: Todd Ostrowski*
  • District 26A: Benjamin Eisen*
  • District 8B: Karen Ballway*
  • District 11B: Douglas Johnson
  • District 34C: Tammy Johnson*
  • District 43C: Cheri Cluff*
  • District 15D: Kristen Tracy*
  • District 27D: Bruce Mallory
  • District 37E: Nancy Everidge*
  • District 38E: Adeline Bee*
  • District 22F: Fred Hopkins
  • District 18G: Kelly Henderson*
  • District 21G: Laura Vago*
  • District 44H: Catherine Boudreau
  • District 45H: Christopher J. O’Donnell*

Retired Members Committee – Two-year term

  • Paul Mazut
  • Julia Monteiro Johnson
  • Lois Powers
  • John DeCicco