It’s summertime and the living is easy, right? Well, maybe.

MTA Summertime

When school’s out in the summer, many educators use the time to master a new skill, teach summer school, work another job or plan for the upcoming school year. Do a little digging (Twitter is a particularly good source) and you’ll see scores of educators seeking out advice and sharing information about a new tech tool or a new way of teaching a particular subject area. For example, you’ll find a large group of educators at Burlington High School at edcamp Tuesdays this summer. Edcamp is an entirely educator-driven style of professional development, which in this case is focused on technology integration and new and emerging approaches to learning.

You don’t have to look too far to find MTA educators in classrooms in the summer months. This is the time of year when teachers get their chance to be the students. In August, MTA members from all over Massachusetts arrive in Williamstown for the MTA Summer Conference, a chance to spend five days in the Berkshires learning, networking and connecting with new and old friends.

So this summer, we want to let others know how teachers really spend their summer vacations. That’s where you — MTA educators — come in. Let’s take advantage of our social media networks and give the world a bit of insight into life as a teacher in the summertime. Using the hashtag #edchatMA, tweet about what life is like for you when school’s out. We’d be willing to bet that many of you are reading books that you intend to teach next year or doing research or plotting out an innovative lesson plan. We also welcome photos and videos of you hard at work. If you have not yet entered the Twitterverse, then head to Facebook. We have a page there, too.

It’s time that we let the rest of the world in on the lives of teachers in the summer months. We know — and the public should, too — that there’s a significant amount of research, studying, learning, sharing of ideas and planning so that when school reopens in the fall, you are bringing your very best to your students.

Opportunities offered by the MTA this summer:

Want to build a website or start an email list? The MTA Communications team is holding office hours in our regional offices on Wednesdays this summer.

MTA Summer Conference. Don't miss your chance to propose an ED Talk or attend the Unconference, based on the popular edcamp model.