Statement by MTA President Paul Toner on governor’s budget proposal

MTA President Paul Toner released the following statement on Governor Deval Patrick’s proposed fiscal 2014 budget, which was released on January 23:

The MTA enthusiastically supports Governor Patrick’s plan to enhance the state’s investment in public education and transportation.

In his fiscal 2014 budget, Governor Patrick uses an equitable approach to raise revenue for schools and infrastructure—increasing the income tax while doubling the personal exemption to lessen the impact on low- and middle-income families, as well as cutting the sales tax.

Governor Patrick has laid out a plan that provides high-quality public education opportunities for every student in the Commonwealth, from early childhood through college, as well as funding for the infrastructure needed to accelerate the growth of the state’s innovation economy.

We agree with the governor that many households in Massachusetts continue to struggle with the effects of the recession, but investing today in education and transportation will significantly improve job growth tomorrow. We look forward to being part of the discussion as the governor and legislators move forward.