Ask Senator Brown to support kids – not cuts

MTA members are strongly urged to call Senator Scott Brown as soon as possible and ask him to make the right choices for students and public education as “fiscal cliff” negotiations move forward.

The NEA is making that easy with a special phone system that educators can use to reach the senator’s office.

All you have to do is dial 866-293-7278 toll-free and you will be guided through the process. Callers can use their ZIP codes to be connected right to the senator’s office. Along the way, they will be reminded of the MTA-NEA message – that all of our elected officials need to support kids, not cuts, in upcoming debates and votes.

At this very moment, members of Congress and President Barack Obama are engaged in a high-stakes debate about how to avoid the cliff, which will be reached at the start of the new year. The results could spell real trouble for our schools, colleges and universities if the right course is not followed.

Please tell Brown or his office staff that you are a Massachusetts educator who votes and that you want the senator to focus on creating jobs and protecting education, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. And say that instead of making cuts to vital programs, we need to stop giving tax breaks to the wealthiest 2 percent.

No one can deliver that message better than the MTA members who work with students every day.

“The results we achieved on Election Day were a tribute to the hard work that MTA members and many others did to support pro-public-education candidates,” said MTA President Paul Toner. “But we can’t let up. We need to keep up the pressure on behalf of our students and our Commonwealth.”

So please do not wait. Call 866-293-7278 today – and ask your colleagues to do the same.

More information on the Kids Not Cuts campaign