MTA Human and Civil Rights Awards 2012

Know an organization, MTA member or individual who champions human and civil rights? Nominations for the MTA Human and Civil Rights Awards are due this Friday, March 16.

Since 1983, MTA’s Human Relations Committee has reviewed and selected nominees for the annual MTA Human and Civil Rights Awards, which are presented at the Association’s Human and Civil Rights Awards Banquet. This event, attended by educators from across the state, serves as a vehicle for bringing human and civil rights concerns to the membership as a teaching tool about how associations and individuals can advocate and advance rights for all. This award also honors MTA members and others who have put their lives, employment and professional careers on the line in defense of human and civil rights.

To be presented at the Human and Civil Rights Banquet, on a new date, in a new place: June 22, Crowne Plaza, Natick.

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