Your stories are needed!

The NEA wants to know how joblessness and budget cuts are playing out in your community and how they are affecting your students and your school. These stories – your stories -- will help to build support in Congress for a strong jobs package. Some of these stories will be featured on the NEA’s site,

On Labor Day, NEA President Dennis Van Roekel sent a letter to President Obama urging him to place a strong emphasis on our schools to improve our country’s economic standing and create more educator jobs for those “who have been laid off and are no longer able to fulfill their calling to help our nation’s students.”

Van Roekel urged the President, who will present his jobs package to Congress on Thursday, Sept. 8, to put Americans to work modernizing schools and  provide direct aid to local governments. He also called for the Super Committee to develop a balanced approach to deficit reduction by including revenue-raising proposals and protecting programs for the most vulnerable.

Van Roekel urged the President to invest “in infrastructure and other middle class job-creating initiatives” that will improve our country and put Americans back to work. He also warned again “the false rhetoric of ideologues who proclaim Wall Street, mega corporations, and billionaires as `job creators’ who need continued special treatment under the tax code.”
“The bottom line for this nation — as with any nation in the world — is that when the middle class thrives, so does the nation’s economy,” Van Roekel wrote.  “Our communities become stronger. Students’ dreams become more attainable.”

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