Creditable service bills hearings on Beacon Hill

Two hearings on MTA-supported bills pending in the Legislature will be held beginning at 1 p.m. on July 26.

Both hearings will be in Room A1 at the State House.

Members are encouraged to testify in support of the measures.

The bills are:

House 2932, An Act Relative to Non-Public School Service, which would enable members of the Teachers’, State or Boston retirement systems, as well as higher education faculty in the State Employees’ Retirement System, to purchase up to four years of creditable service for time spent teaching in non-public educational institutions.

Senate 1317, An Act Relative to Creditable Service for School Nurses, which would provide that any school nurse who is a member in service of the Teachers’, State, Boston or municipal retirement systems, and who is employed in a school approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, may receive creditable service for any period or periods of work experience in the nursing field.

Members who need more information should contact Sean King at