Municipal Health Insurance in proposed Senate budget

The MTA is a member of the Public Employees’ Coalition on Municipal Health Insurance, which issued the following statement about the Senate Ways and Means Committee budget proposal concerning health insurance for educators and other municipal employees.

Further information will be provided as it becomes available.

Official Statement of the Public Employees’ Coalition on Municipal Health Insurance in Response to Initial Senate Budget Proposal
May 18, 2011

We appreciate the thoughtful approach of the Senate to this complex issue. Having just received the language, we are all reviewing the specifics and seeking clarification as to how this impacts real people.

The Senate proposal seems to include some protections for workers and retirees concerning how health insurance costs will be shifted onto us. In providing $100 million in cost shifting, unions still seek to maintain collective bargaining rights over how to shift costs so that we can protect retirees on fixed incomes and our sickest members, as well as working families.

We look forward to working with the Senate to seek clarification and work through the budget debate to further strengthen protections for retirees and the very sick.

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