It’s Time to Raise the COLA!

SB 1343 would raise the cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) base to $16,000. This bill will be heard on May 17. MTA active and retired members are needed to participate by lobbying at the State House or by emailing legislators.

The COLA amounts to less than $.99 a day

The maximum amount of the current COLA is $360 – approximately  $.99 a day! SB 1343 increases the base on which a retired public employee’s annual inflation indexed cost-of-living adjustment is computed from $12,000 to $16,000 immediately. Subsequently, this bill gradually increases that base over a period of fifteen years to an amount that approximates what Social Security uses for its maximum allowance when calculating an annual COLA. (For 2011, Social Security’s maximum benefit for a worker retiring at 66 is $2,366 per month or $28,392 annually.)

MTA Needs You!
MTA retired volunteers are needed to come to the State House to lobby their legislators on May 17. Join your colleagues at MTA at noon for a brief preparation session and lunch. You and your colleagues will leave for the State House together.

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Cost of Living Adjustment

Can’t make it to Boston?  Join the Email Lobby!

Send an email from your home computer to your state representative and senator. Click here to send.

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