Collective Bargaining = Affordable Health Care


Tell your State Representative now:  Support the Municipal Health Insurance Amendment (#749)



Who is
co-sponsoring Amendment #749?

This list of co-sponsoring state representatives will be updated daily as new co-sponsors are added:

Alicea, Geraldo
Andrews, Denise
Ashe, Brian
Atsalis, Demetrius
Ayers, Bruce 
Balser, Ruth
Basile, Carlo
Brady, Michael
Cabral, Antonio
Calter, Thomas
Canavan, Christine
Cantwell, James
Chan, Tackey
Coakley-Rivera, Cheryl
Collins, Nick
Coppinger, Ed
Creedon, Geraldine
Devers, Marcos
Dwyer, James
Ehrlich, Lori
Fallon, Christopher
Fennell, Robert
Finn, Mike
Fox, Gloria 
Fresolo, John
Garballey, Sean
Garlick, Denise
Garry, Colleen
Henriquez, Carlos
Khan, Kay
Koczera, Robert
Lewis, Jason
Mahoney, John
Mark, Paul
McMurtry, Paul
Miceli, James
Murphy, James
Nyman, Rhonda
O'Day, James
Provost, Denise
Rogers, John
Sciortino, Carl
Smith, Stephen
Smizik, Frank
Spiliotis, Joyce
Stanley, Thomas
Sullivan, David
Swan, Ben
Timilty, Walter
Toomey, Tim
Turner, Cleon
Walsh, Martin
Wolf, Alice

Collective bargaining = Affordable Health Care 

Our collective bargaining rights are under attack! Unless it is defeated, the House Ways and Means budget proposal will give municipalities the right to force municipal employees into the Group Insurance Commission or make plan design changes, including increasing copayments and deductibles, without collective bargaining.

This issue will be decided by the House over the next three days. Please take the time now to contact your state representative and urge him or her to support the Municipal Health Insurance Amendment filed by Representative Martin Walsh and co-sponsored by 52 other legislators.

Phone calls are very effective. You can reach your representative through the House switchboard at 617-722-2000.

E-mails also help. To send an e-mail, click here.


April 28 is Educator Day

Lobbying in person is the most effective of all. Plan to come to Boston on Thursday, April 28, to talk to your representative about the importance of collective bargaining. MTA is working with a coalition of public employee unions on this issue. Each day during budget week – April 25-29 – members of these unions will come in on different days to lobby. April 28 is Educator Day, though you should feel free to come in any day that week if April 28 is not convenient. Legislators work into the evening during budget week, giving MTA members a rare opportunity to meet with them in person late in the day after work. Check with your local president about transportation options.

Come over to our Facebook event page and make your plans for Educator Day.

Additional Materials for MTA Local Association Presidents  

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