What you can do to help Wisconsin workers

Tim Dywer and wife Debby traveled to Madison 

Dedham Education Association President Timothy Dwyer and his wife, Debbie, traveled to Madison to support Wisconsin workers.

Recently, MTA members joined with activists from other unions and communities across the Commonwealth in an incredible show of support for our counterparts in Wisconsin.

Clearly, the Wisconsin governor’s plan to strip public employees of their collective bargaining rights has hit a nerve and sparked a national debate about the role of unions. Thank you to everyone who turned out at our Stand Up for Wisconsin Workers rallies in Springfield and Boston. To learn about future developments and events, sign up here.

Please sign NEA's online petition, We Pledge To Stand With America’s Educators, School Support Staff And Workers: http://www.educationvotes.nea.org/nationalpetition/

Donate to the 51 Fund:

By donating to the 51 Fund, support will go to where the need is greatest: to assist people fighting back on the frontlines. The 51 Fund will help feed volunteers, organize rallies, and get the message out to people everywhere that the right to collective bargaining ensures a strong middle-class. And, a strong middle-class is the back-bone of our economic vitality.

For more information:

Wisconsin public servants already face a compensation penalty  and Public sector workers earn less (Economic Policy Institute)

State gets a good deal on teachers’ pensions (MTA)

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MA for Wisconsin Workers 

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