Senator Brown needs to hear from YOU: Calls are still needed to save jobs!

Calls are still needed to save jobs!

The vote that was expected last week on the Education Jobs bill did not occur because the Republicans threatened to filibuster the bill to which the Ed Jobs amendment was going to be attached. Despite many calls from educators in Massachusetts and lobbying by NEA – Sen. Scott Brown supported the filibuster.

On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is going to use a different vehicle to try to force a vote on the Education Jobs bill and FMAP (federal funding for Medicaid that will help Mass. balance its budget).

We need you to call one more time and ask Sen. Brown to support funds to prevent educator lay offs and vote to bring this bill to the floor on Monday. Over 2,000 educator jobs in Massachusetts will be lost and our students will suffer the consequences if this funding is not approved.

The vote in the Senate will occur some time after 5:30pm on Monday.  Scott Brown has not committed to supporting these funding bills. Here’s the message from NEA to all of us on the urgency of this issue.

Ask family members, friends and colleagues to call. Send an email alert to friends. Post a message on your Facebook page. Do whatever it takes to make your voices heard.

Call Brown’s office at 202-224-4543 and tell them you want Scott Brown to vote in favor of Educator Jobs funding! You can also e-mail him here.