Education Jobs Bill Introduced in the Senate

We still need your help to get the funding necessary to save educators’ jobs and prevent students from losing good teachers and education support professionals.

Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) has introduced the Keep Our Educators Working Act (S.3206), which would provide $23 billion to help stave off educator layoffs that are scheduled across the country for the next school year. Senator John Kerry is a sponsor. A similar proposal, the “Jobs for Main Street Act,” already passed the U. S. House of Representatives in December 2009. Now, the Senate needs to act quickly to pass this bill.

At the same time, Representative George Miller (D-CA) has introduced legislation in the House that includes an Education Jobs Fund. Although the House has already passed such funding, Representative Miller’s bill – the Local Jobs for America Act (H.R 4812) – sends a powerful message about the need to see this assistance enacted into law immediately.

The need is urgent -- In many locations, educators are already receiving “pink slips” for the next school year and those who haven’t yet fear it may be just a matter of time. Yet, not one fewer student is coming through our public school doors because of the economic crisis. Children get only one shot at an education and isn’t their fault they are in school during this time of economic crisis. Layoffs, ballooning class sizes, and dramatic program cuts are shortchanging our students and jeopardizing our ability to compete in the global economy.

TAKE ACTION: The e-mail you send could help save your job or the job of a colleague!

  • Thank Senator Kerry for his sponsorship and urge Senator Scott Brown to support the Keep Our Educators Working Act and to push for its immediate passage.
  • Urge the President to support immediate action to save and create hundreds of thousands of education jobs.
  • Urge your Representative to cosponsor the Local Jobs for America Act.
  • Share your story. Is your job in jeopardy? The key to getting education jobs funding approved by Congress is demonstrating to Senators—who are extremely “budget deficit” conscious these days—the huge impact not passing an education jobs funding bill would have on public schools and the economy as a whole. The more stories we can present to lawmakers from a cross-section of the country, the more successful we will be.
  • Visit NEA's new Education Votes site to share your story and read about other actions you can take to make sure your voice is heard on the issues that matter the most.

Stimulus Funds Save Educators’ Jobs
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has saved or created thousands of jobs in public education — many of them in Massachusetts. For a story on the ARRA’s positive impact in Brockton, pay a visit to and look for the video titled “Stimulus Funds Save Educators’ Jobs.”