Identification of “Likely” Level 4 Schools and Race to the Top program

The MTA and teachers at the local level are committed to working hard to make sure all students have the chance to reach their potential in the likely Level 4 schools identified today. With adequate resources and true collaboration, we believe that teaching and learning conditions can be improved in these schools and in others serving similarly disadvantaged students. We do not believe that lasting improvements will be achieved with top-down reforms. As mandated by the new state law, we expect teachers and their unions to be an integral part of the redesign process right from the start.

In addition, now that Massachusetts has been named a finalist under the Race to the Top program, we are hopeful that the state and school districts will receive the funding they need to move the process forward for redesigning low-performing schools. As with the state law, this federal grant program will only work if teachers are equal partners with administrators in realizing these goals.

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