Support education funding in the new jobs package

Congress is considering a second economic recovery package, focused on job creation. A bill could be taken up in the House of Representatives as early as mid-December. Critical to such a package is the inclusion of an Education Jobs Fund to help save and create jobs that help students achieve, run our schools, and strengthen the middle class.

Investment in public education is the best investment for the nation's economy, both in the short run and the long run. Therefore, NEA is proposing an emergency jobs package that includes:

  • An Education Jobs Fund to maintain investments in public education, and save and create jobs. Additional federal money for public education will have an immediate impact on improving the employment picture because it is one of the most labor intensive industries. Such a Fund will also help keep schools fully staffed and help address the negative impacts on student learning of economic distress.
  • An infrastructure investment program to modernize schools, put Americans to work, and help students learn.

Contact your Representative Today! Urge Congress to include funding for education in any jobs package.

See how much funding your state will lose once monies under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act expire, unless Congress provides more funding in a jobs/economic recovery bill.


The United States Senate is currently debating the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (H.R. 3590) – a health insurance reform bill that would pay for needed reforms by imposing a 40 percent excise tax on high-cost insurance plans.

Although the tax would be paid by insurance companies and plan administrators (employers), not by employees, the ultimate result would be a dramatic reduction in benefits as the excise taxes payable would be so high that insurance companies and employers would do everything in their power to avoid paying it.

The excise tax is bad policy. It would have a devastating impact on exactly the type of good, comprehensive health care plans reform should be promoting. At the same time, despite President Obama’s promise that those with employer-sponsored health insurance could keep what they have, the excise tax would lead to large-scale upheaval in many workers’ current coverage.

The health care bill passed by the House of Representatives last month contains no excise tax.

Contact your Senators Today! Tell the Senate to reject any excise tax on high-cost plans in health insurance reform legislation.

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