Action Alert: Education and Economic Recovery

Update: On Weds., January 28, the House voted, 244-188, to approve the recovery plan. Attention now turns to the Senate.

Massachusetts and 40 other states are currently facing huge budget deficits that threaten resources for our schools and colleges and may cause thousands of educators to be laid off. MTA members need to act now to try to prevent public education from facing devastating cuts.

Governor Deval Patrick has rallied the leaders of other states, and they have called on President-elect Barack Obama and Congress to target $250 billion to help public schools and public higher education.

The education funding, which would go directly to states, is one of a number of measures proposed by Patrick and his fellow governors from New York, New Jersey, Ohio and Wisconsin as part of the federal economic recovery package now being developed. In addition to education spending, their plan would provide resources for infrastructure investment, health care and anti-poverty programs that are critical for struggling families.

The total package would cost close to $1 trillion.

As you know, many priorities are competing for inclusion in the economic recovery package. It is crucial to protect public education from the ravages of the economic crisis.

Please take a few minutes to urge Senator Edward Kennedy and Senator John Kerry to make sure that money is targeted for education in the economic recovery package that Congress passes. Also please urge President Obama to include education funding in his proposal and thank Governor Patrick for organizing the multi-state advocacy effort.