Collective bargaining under fire

PreK-12 educators could lose their right to collectively bargain for health insurance. Working with public employee unions, retirees and municipal leaders, we found a way that may help keep health care costs down in your community while preserving employees' right to bargain over health insurance.

Municipal employees, such as PreK-12 teachers and ESPs, now have the option to join the Group Insurance Commission (GIC), the state employees' health insurance plan which in recent years has generally had lower yearly increases than other insurance plans.

It's already working.

Despite a tight deadline last fall, nine municipalities joined, saving millions of dollars. Many more are considering signing up.

Now, some legislators want to pull the plug. Before communities and municipal employees have a chance to see if joining the GIC will provide savings while maintaining health benefits, some legislators want to undermine this process. They are suggesting that municipalities should be able to ORDER educators and other employees to join the GIC -- without bargaining.

Contact your legislators and House Speaker Sal DiMasi today and tell them: "Please reject any proposal that would take away municipal employees' right to bargain for their health insurance. It is crucial to give the law passed last July allowing municipal employees to join the GIC a chance to work."