April is Mathematics Awareness Month

In a presidential election year, the term "voting" brings to mind national elections. Resources for this year's Mathematics Awareness Month are designed to help explain what makes these votes matter, as well as how the voting system used affects the outcome, regardless of the context of the voting.

"In a presidential election year, voting is uppermost on our minds," according to a Mathematics Awareness Month statement. "Candidates vie for attention, polls are taken, debates held, blogs written, primaries conducted, and, ultimately, a general election leads to the naming of the next president of the United States. Some of us are deeply engaged in these processes, and some keep them at a distance. Yet, most people wonder at some point: Does my vote matter? Is the election process fair? Are the votes being counted correctly? The answers to these questions involve great complexity, but fortunately, mathematics and statistics provide the means to deal with such complexity."

For lesson ideas, see the NEA and MAM Web sites.