It's time to raise the COLA!

MTA Retired members are needed to blanket the State House a second time for a COLA increase.  We need you to tell your story to your legislators on Beacon Hill.

Your presence at the State House on February 12 will show legislators that an increase in the COLA is important to you.

MTA is supporting SB2234 (formerly SB1586)

SB2234 would gradually raise the COLA base to equal the amount that all Massachusetts private-sector employees are entitled to receive under Social Security (approximately $26,000). Since most public employees don’t receive Social Security benefits, that’s only fair.

The COLA hasn't changed in 10 years.

Right now the maximum annual COLA that retirees can receive is 3 percent on the first $12,000 of their pensions.

The COLA base has only doubled in 36 years. The COLA base was set at $6,000 in 1971 and has only doubled in 36 years.

The cost-of-living in Mass. has increased more than fivefold since 1971.