Tentative agreement reached in Quincy

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Patriot Ledger:
Back in Session--Teachers Return to school
Four-day strike over; 5-year contract agreed upon
About 100 teachers gathered in front of Quincy High School let out a cheer at 7:30 this morning and marched into work for the first time since they went out on strike Friday.

Boston Globe
Quincy teachers end strike
Schools to reopen with tentative pact
Public school students will return to school today as the city's teachers end their four-day strike in anticipation of approving a tentative contract agreement.

Quincy Teachers, City Reach Tentative Agreement
Details To Be Worked Out
Quincy Mayor William Phelan says a tentative contract agreement has been reached to end the four-day by public school teachers.

Patriot Ledger:
All eyes are on teacher strike: Unions, governments could be affected by the outcome
With Quincy teachers facing a court-ordered $150,000 fine, labor leaders and political observers statewide are watching closely as the rare drama of a teacher strike unfolds.

Teachers, city both point to numbers
It’s only fitting for a teacher strike: it’s an all-out battle of words and numbers.

Teachers Strike Triggers Hefty Fines
Union Now Facing $150,000 Penalty
Teachers in Quincy passed another deadline Wednesday, continuing their strike for the fourth day and racking up hefty fines in the process.

Quincy Teachers' Strike
Public schools are closed again in Quincy today as teachers are in the fourth day of a strike. A judge says he will fine the teachers union $150,000 for the illegal walk-off.

Patriot Ledger:
Judge orders Quincy teachers back to work
A Norfolk superior court judge says she’ll fine the Quincy Education Association $150,000 if teachers don’t return to school on Wednesday.

Boston Globe:
Striking teachers say that mayor plays politics
Quincy stoppage set for fourth day
Teachers, rallying in front of Quincy High School yesterday, disputed the mayor's assertion that Quincy teachers are the highest paid on the South Shore and accused him of playing politics.

Patriot Ledger:
Teachers defy court order
Defying a judge’s order, teachers skipped school again today, the third day into the state's first teachers strike in more than 10 years.

Teachers Strike Enters Day 3
Health Care Cost Remains Sticking Point
The Quincy teacher strike enters Day 3 Tuesday but there are signs that the end may be in sight as both sides get ready to sit down to talk.

Boston Globe:
Quincy teachers negotiate late into night
Quincy teachers said that, absent an agreement, they would defy a court injunction and continue their holdout today over a bitter contract dispute, sending the first teacher strike in Massachusetts in more than a decade into its third day.

Boston Herald:
Quincy teachers fail to back down
An ongoing strike pitting Quincy teachers against town officials escalated yesterday, as parents complained their family summer plans are being thrown into turmoil.

Associated Press:
Quincy strike draws attention from surrounding districts
With Quincy teachers walking the picket line for a second day Monday, other Massachusetts school districts were closely watching how the illegal strike could affect their own contract negotiations.

Patriot Ledger:
Judge orders Quincy teachers to end strike
A Norfolk Superior Court Judge has ordered Quincy’s 800 teachers return to the classroom tomorrow.

Boston Globe:
Judge orders Quincy teachers back to work
Quincy teachers said today they will defy a court injunction ordering them back to work Tuesday and continue their holdout over a bitter contract dispute, sending the first teacher strike in Massachusetts in more than a decade into its third day.

Patriot Ledger:
Talks fail to end strike: Negotiations continue today
Public schools throughout the city were closed again today as striking teachers picketed for a second day after weekend talks failed to produce an agreement on a new contract.

Boston Globe:
Quincy teachers' strike enters 2nd day
Teachers returned to picket lines this morning as the first school strike in Massachusetts in over a decade forced classes to be canceled for the second day.

Quincy Teachers Continue Picketing
Health Care Costs At Center Of Dispute
The state told them to march back to class but this morning Quincy teacher are marching back to the picket lines instead.

Boston Globe:
Quincy talks produce no gains
Teachers vow to disobey state order
Striking Quincy teachers said yesterday that they would disobey a state order to return to work after talks with city and school officials made little headway in breaking the stalemate over a new contract.

Quincy teachers head back to the picket lines; schools to remain closed Monday
The talks go on, but tonight, Quincy teachers said there is no contract and they are ready to return to the picket lines.

Associated Press:
Edwards plots big N.H. push
BEDFORD, N.H. -- Presidential hopeful John Edwards said yesterday that New Hampshire voters can expect to see a lot more of him and his wife, Elizabeth, as he seeks to boost his chances against his two main rivals for the Democratic nomination.
...Later yesterday, Edwards was to speak at the North Shore Labor Council's annual legislative dinner in Wakefield, Mass. The Quincy Education Association's contract dispute with the city was to be among the topics at the event.

Patriot Ledger:
Resuming school in Quincy unlikely Monday: State board deliberates on back-to-work order
There probably will be no school in Quincy again on Monday.
Quincy Education Association president Paul Phillips said some 900 striking teachers can’t vote to stay out or go back to the classrooms until they meet at 11 a.m. Monday - too late to return that day.

Boston Globe:
Quincy teachers are ordered back
Walked off job yesterday after bargaining stalled
A day after the last seniors graduated and with summer vacation looming, Quincy teachers walked off the job yesterday over stalled contract negotiations, shutting down the city's 19 schools and giving the district's approximately 9,000 students an unexpected day off.

Patriot Ledger:
STRIKE: Dispute over health costs spurs teachers to cut class
The city’s unionized teachers closed Quincy's public schools today in a contract dispute over the mayor's demand that they pay a larger share of their health insurance costs.

Patriot Ledger:
Common threat, seldom done
Often threatened, rarely done.

Boston Globe:
Quincy teachers plan strike today
Quincy's teachers union, the Quincy Education Association, voted yesterday to strike after failing to reach a contract agreement with the city's School Committee.

Patriot Ledger:
Quincy teachers vote to strike; school cancelled Friday
For the first time in more than 20 years, Quincy teachers have voted to strike. School has been cancelled Friday across the city.

Teachers, City At Odds Over Health Care Costs
Quincy teachers have voted to strike. Teachers from the city's 19 schools will take to the picket lines on Friday.

Teachers in Quincy vote to go on strike, classes canceled
After 10 months of negotiations, the Quincy Teachers Union voted to go on strike starting Friday morning.