Hebert receives MTA Presidents Award

Dr. William H. Hebert, former MTA executive director-treasurer, was honored with the President's Award by MTA President Catherine A. Boudreau at the MTA Annual Meeting of Delegates on May 5.

Hebert, who led MTA from 1964 to 1983, was cited by Boudreau as "the man most responsible for passage of the collective bargaining act." The meeting commemorated the 40th anniversary of the implementation of collective bargaining for Massachusetts public school educators in 1966.

"It is an anniversary of major significance for everyone in our profession and, in fact, for everyone who cares about public education," Boudreau said.

"Bill Hebert fought for this goal with virtually no help from any other union," Boudreau noted. "He fought up until almost the very last minute with a Republican governor who was not overly inclined to sign the bill. And he fought for public acceptance of these new rights for Massachusetts teachers."

In his remarks, Hebert expressed pride in the law that "helped to raise the standards and the lifestyles of our teachers and also many administrators." He noted, "We were the first in the nation to have collective bargaining by state law for teachers. Our example was followed by many others.

"In my years as you executive director," he told the delegates, "that success in achieving collective bargaining for teachers stands out in my memory and is my legacy to you."