State of the State response

Statement by MTA President Catherine A. Boudreau on tonight's "State of the State" address by Governor Mitt Romney

We were disappointed by Governor Romney's State of the State address. Long on rhetoric and short on substance, the talk raised more questions than it answered about whether students, from pre-kindergarten to graduate school, will receive the resources they so vitally need to succeed in the commonwealth's knowledge-based economy.

Although the need is clear, the governor does not admit that the commonwealth must raise revenues in order to provide the high-quality education our students deserve.

Based upon this speech, we don't know much about what Governor Romney's real plan will be. What we do know is that the state budget should not and cannot be balanced on the backs of the students, and that the fiscal crisis will not be resolved through an assault on the collective bargaining rights and health insurance benefits for which our members have fought so hard.